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30 December 2018

SLAE 32 Day 1

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Today, marks my first day on the SLAE32 course from SecurityTube, in these blog posts I aim to take you through my journey on this course. Hopefully by the end you can make a really nicely informed decision about whether or not you should purchase this course.

So, firstly, before I go through how my first day went, let me explain what the SLAE32 course is. SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert 32 or “SLAE32” is a course by PenTester Academy that features all around assembly language for the Linux platform on Intel 32-bit architecture. So, what does that actually mean? Well in essence, it teaches you the basics about the 32-bit architecture, CPU modes & memory, it then introduces us to gdb and then you guessed it! Teaches us assembly. Now, I’ve not completed the course yet so I cannot tell you exactly what I think, but this course is almost certainly entry-level which is what I like about it so much! I’ve been trying to start learning assembly for a really long time, for me it’s a scary topic! At first glance it is daunting for sure - and as much as I love LiveOverflows series, I almost wanted something more formal and thus I came to this certification.

First Day

Now, let’s get into my first day. To be honest there is not much to discuss because I didn’t do an awful lot the first day. Firstly, I went ahead and setup the VM for the course, even though I probably could’ve used any 32-bit VM, I went with the one that Vivek used in the videos although as I said, I’m pretty sure I could use any 32-bit VM as I’ve seen other blogs mention they did that.

Once I setup the environment, I went through the first 6 videos which covered an introduction to the course, a background on what assembly lanauge is, setting up the lab, getting familiar with checking the CPU information, an introduction to the IA-32 architecture then finally the IA-32 architecture exercises which basically just run you through some basics with using gdb and disassembling your first program in gdb. After going through the first 6 videos, I went through the equivalent pages in the PDF and that concluded my first day to be honest.

Closing Notes

I realise this is a really short blog post, but really, this was only here for me to introduce the course and my initial thoughts of the course. What I want to say so far is that I’ve got high hopes for this course and I really hope I can share some very interesting things throughout these blog posts. I’ll also be sharing my progress on the assignments you have to complete as part of the course.