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6 June 2019

OSCP Week 0x00

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Hey! I thought I’d be like everyone else and do a “my oscp journey” blog series kinda’ thing, I don’t know if anyone is interested in this shit really but hey, its a thing in the OSCP scene so I figured why not throw my hat into it too.

This post is technically not really about the OSCP as I’ve not started at the time of writing this, instead this post focuses more the building of my VM environment, some preparation materials I am using and the like - so all interesting stuff really!

VMWare Build

Let’s first talk about my VM setup! I’m using VMWare Workstation Pro on my “pen-testing” laptop, that’s really just a fancy title for my laptop to be honest; we’ll refer to her as Mia for the rest of this post because as you all know, I’m her biggest fan don’t @ me, kthx.

I guess one of the more “interesting” pieces of software I’m using is Barrier, if you don’t know what Barrier is or you’ve never heard of it before; its a network-based KVM forked from Synergy by Symless! Pretty cool software actually, it allows me to well, KVM over the network. This way I can use my main PC and use the same mouse & keyboard on my laptop! I for sure recommend for anyone to check out Barrier, especially as its free & open-source as opposed to Synergy being like $20.


I thought it would be good for me to cover some things I’ve been doing in order to prepare for the exam, for example what vulnerable VMs I’ve been doing, what HackTheBox boxes, what notes I’ve been taking, etc. As far as all this goes, as you might have seen I’ve been doing boxes from HackTheBox specifically “OSCP-like” boxes, you can find a list comprised by TJNull. This is a great resource for anyone waiting to receive their PWK materials!

In addition to this I did some boxes on VulnHub (those are in Tony’s list too) however I did not produce writeups for this. Finally I made my way through a decent amount of the “Zero to Hero” course by TheCyberMentor if you’re new to hacking or even if you’re not and you want videos for specific things then this series is great, its great for anyone to be honest just go through most of it. Although I had hacking experience in HTB and other things I still learnt stuff from this!

Other than all of this listed, I used a bunch of different things which would take forever to even list all of it, I used a lot of different things in the run up to receiving the materials the best thing you can do is check out a few random blogs and read about peoples experience, each blog post will most likely include something unique, so I read a fair few of these.